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Advice, a helping hand, assistance from a specialist, help with your dynamism can make the difference!
  • The creation, organization, reorientation, development of small businesses or activities
  • Human resources management, drawing up budgets, forecasts, charts of accounts
  • Commercialization of products, marketing
  • Internet training programs
  • Any assistance desired by non-profit organizations, VSEs/SMEs, self-employed persons or individuals
  • Assistance in establishing contacts such as with administrations, banks or others
  • Support for training and sending young people abroad within the framework of European programs
  • Help for companies located abroad that use Belgian consultants
  • The intervention of the members of the association is done on a voluntary basis, without individual remuneration. The relationship between the applicant and the association is based on the confidentiality and freedom of the partners
  • The modest contribution requested by the association is intended to cover the running costs of the association
  • Through its action, the Belgian Service Club Namur a.s.b.l seeks to promote and protect employment

All requests for intervention will be considered, whether they come from the public or private sector.

Recent actions have been carried out in Cameroon and the DRC in the field of social, agriculture, management of the Congo River basin, supervision of cooperatives, etc.

The applicants are mainly development NGOs, but also institutional donors. Private investors are also welcome

Basic principle

The applicant will define with BSC Namur a.s.b.l the needs and limits of the intervention of the expert requested to carry out the mission.

In the event that the expert is not available within the BSC Namur a.s.b.l team, the applicant will be directed to other similar organizations (Ex-Change, engineers without Borders, etc.) where they can most likely find a solution to his problem.

Intervention conditions

The conditions of intervention for the planned mission will be defined in an Agreement drawn up in partnership between BSCN, the applicant and the expert concerned.

This convention will define:
  • The general framework of the mission
  • The applicant's obligations (provision of means, transport costs, accommodation costs, cost of intervention, etc.)
  • The duties of the expert
  • The conditions for interruption and end of the mission (illness, accident, etc.)
  • Responsibilities and handling of disputes

The missions carried out are the subject of a report which remains the property of the requester of the intervention. However, BSCN reserves the right to publish on its site a summary of the work of its experts within the framework of its overseas missions.

Missions completed
For CDI Bwamanda (ONGD) DRC
  • Training of executives supporting producers in the coffee sector
  • Training of managers in the quality of coffee processing
  • Training of executives in agricultural export sectors
  • End of project audit financed by the DUE (European Union delegation)
  • Supporting a cooperative of cocoa producers to produce a quality product intended for export
  • Supports the quality of the cocoa sector
  • Business plan for a cooperative of Mayumbe cocoa producers (DRC)
  • Study of the Congo River basin
For TELENET (Cameroon)
  • Business plan for an internet cafĂ© in YaoundĂ©
  • Profits dedicated to financing computer training for street children
  • Training of trainers
  • Online Schooling Project
The future

Our projects are to develop associations and partnerships with existing potential.

To do this, we are launching a vibrant appeal to women and men of young and dynamic spirit, early retirees or retirees, who are able and wish to put forward the multiple knowledge acquired during their career, real knowledge -Do practical as well as a solid common sense.

People who will join us
  • Will play an active and productive role
  • Will put their knowledge and experience at the service of the socio-economic community
  • Will contribute to the evolution and functioning of industrial, commercial and administrative activity while keeping up to date with the latest techniques in their field and acquiring new skills
  • Will be reimbursed for their expenses without being paid
  • It is an elixir of youth, an assurance of a long life in good health through continued activity, which we offer within the large circle of friends that constitutes our association