Logo BSC Namur
Our Association

The members of the association are and remain active retirees.

Their mission: to offer young people, SMEs, associations, and institutions the untapped know-how of retirees.

The skills accumulated over a fruitful professional life can be shared with others and effectively utilized by project leaders.

It is based on this realization that Belgian Service Club Namur a.s.b.l. operates.

Our Missions

To provide individuals, companies, private and public institutions in need - both in Belgium and abroad - with assistance and advice in administrative, commercial, and industrial domains by offering them a group of volunteer consultants who are motivated, experienced, and trained in modern management techniques. These missions allow qualified seniors to play an active and productive role by voluntarily transmitting their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the socio-economic environment. This action contributes to the functioning and evolution of industrial, commercial, and administrative activities, while also staying updated with the latest techniques and acquiring new ones.

What is Volunteering

A clear and selfless commitment! The members of our association are consultants who commit to carrying out their activities voluntarily, without compensation other than reimbursement of their actual expenses. They contribute to the association's operational costs by paying an annual membership fee. Our members put their skills at the service of companies, associations, schools, municipalities, and youth. They act as advisors, with decisions being made solely by the requester. They provide assistance and advice to individuals, companies, private or public institutions, humanitarian organizations, etc., in areas such as management, administration, promotion, marketing, human resources, etc. By undertaking these missions, the association also allows its members to play an active role in society by contributing to the development of the socio-economic environment.